The Best Upcoming Exhibitions in Budapest

Budapest always has great temporary exhibitions in store for visitors, and early 2017 is no different!
The Hungarian National Museum’s current exhibition, The Final Act – The Coronation of King Karl IV – 1916 caters to History enthusiasts. The collection, dedicated to the last Hungarian monarch, presents an overview of Hungarian coronation traditions and symbolism, issues with succession, and everyday life in wartime 1916. It is a nearly perfect time-traveling experience thanks to the abundance of objects, documents, photos and archive film from the period. Special curated guided tours, book presentations and film screenings related to the exhibition make for a complete experience. The exhibition is open until 19 March, 2017 in the Hungarian National Museum.

Műcsarnok is celebrating its 120th anniversary with the exhibition The First Golden Age – Painting in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Műcsarnok. Paintings are organised into 3 large groups based on their date of origin and style: historicism, realism, and various modern trends, and the last category is further subdivided by nations. Nearly 200 works in a single exhibition, awaiting visitors until 12 March, 2017.

Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts and KOGART collaborated to create Geishas by the Danube in the Castle Garden Bazaar’s Palace of the Guards. The exhibition examines Japanese influence on Hungarian art with the help of fine arts material from the turn of the century and numerous original Japanese and Chinese artefacts (woodcuts, ceramics, varnished objects, carvings.) The special exhibition is open until 12 March 2017.

The Hungarian National Gallery continues its series featuring prominent Hungarian artists. From December on, it’s Lili Ország’s (1926-1978) turn, an outstanding figure in modern Hungarian art. This exhibition, which displays over 300 works by Ország, demonstrates the artist’s change in approach over time through both Hungarian and international analogies, and the exhibition space is in the form of a labyrinth. The collection features works by Paul Delvaux, Giorgio de Chirico, Vieira da Silva and Toyen, among others. The exhibition-labyrinth is open until 26 March.
Following Ország, internationally renowned contemporary painter and sculptor Georg Baselitz will be in the spotlight. The exhibition, assisted by the Goethe Institute in Budapest, features more than 80 works (from the 60s through today) from international and Hungarian public and private collections until 2 July 2017.

Explore the cultural agenda of Budapest! In addition to those above, 8 more museums have permanent exhibitions you can visit free of charge with a Budapest Card.